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M1.06.0 Organic Soil Additives- The Rest of the Story!

The provision of evidence that demonstrates that the submitted compost material meets the requirement that it be free of pathogens can either be by the submittal of a Certified Laboratory that either states that the material has been analyzed using a specific method that clearly shows that there is no evidence of pathogens, or that the composting process has gone through the range and time period where temperatures have been logged in by date and have been reported on a “prescribed” document that states that the specific batch of “finished” compost that is being submitted to the materials inspector on this specific project is in fact the batch that is being submitted, and has met the prescribed criteria which is described somewhere in the bid proposal document. The temperatures and times have been and are enumerated in varying peer reviewed scientific documents. I would further add that in order to demonstrate this data that a picture of the thermometer reading with the date, time, and batch number be inscribed on the picture and the picture become be an integral part of this report. What this assures that all submitted compost materials meet the required criteria as specified in the bid proposal.

Now of course the enforcement process must be in place along with the consequences spelled – out also in the bid proposal for all intended bidders to become aware of their responsibilities and the consequences of their actions?

This required criterion will add financial burden as well as timeline considerations for the “Project” to proceed. Therefore, it might prove pertinent that the agency that is offering the bid to communicate explicitly what is required to meet this requested specification and may consider “education communications”, become available to all prospective bidders?

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