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A special blend of high-quality, finished compost and partially decomposed, chipped and shredded wood waste, this product forms the foundation for a number of applications, including as an EarthBlanket™ and as the substate used in FiterMitts™.


  • Versatile product can be used in a variety of applications

  • Carefully controlled blend of particle sizes knits together to form stable matrix when applied as soil stabilization blanket

  • Carefully selected source materials ensure natural product free of contaminants

  • As a planting mulch, it helps retain moisture, helps build organic matter in the soil, suppresses soil born diseases, and protects the root zone from wide fluctuations in temperature change

  • Contains diverse community of microbial life to benefit soils

Site Applications

  • Stabilizes exposed soil in EarthBlanket™ application

  • Used in FilterMitts™ and FilterBerms™

  • Mulches garden beds, trees, and other plantings to help retain soil moisture, buffer swings in soil temperature, build soil organic matter, suppress disease organisms

Product Variations

  • Ingredient mix can be varied for specialized applications

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