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FilterMitts™ are elongated tubes of biodegradable fabric filled with a blend of compost and partially decomposed chipped or shredded woody material. They offer flexible, multi-function utility in a variety of applications.



  • Flexible: Can be used alone or with other methods

  • Biodegradable: No synthetic materials or plastics

  • Retains sediment

  • Microbes in compost break down petroleum pollutants

  • Detains or directs surface stormwater flow

  • Can be applied any time of year, even on frozen ground

  • No need for trenching or soil disturbance to install

  • No need to remove after functional life cycle is done

  • Navigable for turtles and other wildlife

  • Compost enhances soil, aids in revegetation applications

Product Variations

  • The FilterMitt™ casing is a natural burlap (Hessian) plant-based fabric with size (diameter) options of nine, 9, 12, and 18 inches.

  • The basic mitt can be configured in a number of different configurations to address specific site needs.


  • Prevents sediments from entering wetlands and surface waters

  • Stabilizes river and lake shorelines

  • Can be arranged to break up and disperse concentrated flows

  • Can be set along slope contours to slow, spread, and detain flows

  • Can be used as check dams in channels

  • Can be stacked for retaining wall and streambank stabilization

  • Protect stormwater inlets

  • Burlap fabric containment filled with FiberRootMulch™ compost/wood blend

  • Available diameters: 9, 12, 18 inches

  • Uses about 4–8 cubic yards of compost per 100 lineal feet

  • Installed FilterMitts™ should be inspected for sediment accumulation after significant rain events. Sediment should be removed when it accumulates above half the height of the mitt.

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