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Site Solutions

Manage Stormwater

Effective stormwater management often involves a variety of techniques on any given site. These can include redirecting, retaining, and breaking up concentrated surface flows by careful placement of our FilterMitts™, FilterBerms™, often combined with other site modifications.

Control Erosion

Areas of open soil can result from a number of different activities—construction, road building, property development, grading adjustments. Unprotected by vegetative cover, soil if prone to erosion from rainfall impact and concentrated surface flow. Used in combination, our techniques offer immediate stabilization and protection to prevent soil and sediment loss.


We offer vegetation establishment and management services, using seed, plugs, potted, or balled materials, depending on project needs and specifications, on a variety of different sites including residential, commercial, natural or minimally managed areas, etc.

Protect Wetlands

Effective stormwater management not only encourages groundwater recharge by retaining water on site, but also protects natural surface waters such as streams, ponds, and wetlands from pollutants and sediment carried by runoff.

Control Invasive Plants

Invasive plants reproduce, grow, and spread aggressively, overtaking desirable plants, limiting plant diversity and wildlife habitat. We offer management services to control and manage invasive plants in a number of settings.

Improve Soil

Since the materials use in Groundscapes’ compost-based control devices are derived from natural products, these also act to enhance soils where these devices are deployed. And, our EarthBoost™ product can be used when amending soil is the primary goal.

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