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Manage Stormwater

Effective stormwater management often involves a variety of techniques on any given site. These can include redirecting, retaining, and breaking up concentrated surface flows by careful placement of our FilterMitts™, FilterBerms™, often combined with other site modifications.

  • Subtle grading modifications can encourage sheet flow, as opposed to concentrated flow, to reduce erosive potential.

  • FilterMitts™ and FilterBerms™ collect and retain water behind the device and allow slow, downstream release. Infiltration is increased as the water detained behind the device is given opportunity to move downward through the soil. 

  • Water-borne sediment is retained behind the device. 

  • FilterMitts™ can be arranged as check dams in flow channels to reduce flow rates and limit erosive potential of flowing water.

  • FilterMitts™ and FilterBerms™ can be installed at the tops of slopes to divert water that might form rills and gullies on the slope.

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