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Savvy Spaces by Kristin - “Dana Hall School, Wellesley, MA”

I just wanted to extend a HEARTY thank you for all the landscaping work that you have had done around the campus. We are especially grateful for all the efforts at 27 Hampden. When I pulled in and noticed that they had removed the dead bushes in the front and that they were seeding the lawn and taking such great care, I actually jumped up and down. I wanted you to know that we appreciate the work and see such an amazing difference.


Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy


Just wanted to thank you for the work that you guys did the past couple of weeks. I really appreciate the open lines of communication, the scheduling flexibility with the weather that we encountered, and the ability to see the project through once started in a timely manner. It is a great help with things on our end, as this project requires the coordination of three different entities, and with the weather aside things went very smoothly all in all.


Thanks again,

Anthony Ruggiero

Horticulture Foreman

The Garden at BCHMCPS

Thank you John!


The Children's Garden at BCHMCPS (Barnstable Community Horrace Mann Charter Public School) wants to thank you for your generous donation of your fantastic compost! Day by day the garden grows, and not by just the plants. Thank you for supporting us in this endeavor. Please visit our blog at: and check on our progress.

Thank you again, the children and staff at the Garden.


Nan Ingraham

Pamela Hart Landscape Services - Cambridge, MA 

Hi John and the rest of the crew,

The enclosed photo shows a "skirt" of roots that grew out of the bottom of the pot and into the surrounding compost we bought from you. You can see how much this plant loved your compost.


Best wishes for the holidays and a great 2007


Bay state Organic Certifiers - “Compost Facility Review by Winchendon, MA”

Hi John,

Thank you for the tour of your operation, it was very enlightening. Based upon my inspection of your composting facility and my review of your records, Baystate Organic Certifiers finds that your composting operation meets the requirements of section 205.203 (C)(2) of the National Organic Standards, and approves your compost for use on organic farms certified by Baystate Organic Certifiers. The contact information for purchasing your compost has been posted on our website, and will be distributed to all certified growers in Massachusetts and Connecticut.



Don Franczyk

Certification Administrator

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