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Our FiberRootMulch™ compost blend can also be applied as a free-standing berm or ridge instead of within the fabric containment. This allows for more flexibility to accommodate certain site conditions.


  • Free-standing berms can be adapted to a wide variety of site situations

  • Can be easily scaled up during installation to accommodate large volumes of runoff

  • If used as a temporary control, the mulch material can be raked out and distributed onsite to amend soil after service life of the berm is over

  • Detains surface-water flows

  • Water-borne sediment retained behind berm

  • Traps, holds, and breaks down petroleum-based, hydrocarbon pollutants

  • Compatible with revegetation 

Product Variations

  • Variable size range: Typical applications range from approximately 1 ft. high x 2 ft. wide to 1.5 ft. high x 3 ft. wide.


  • Can be used as FilterMitts™ in many situations, on flat areas and slopes to direct, detain, and slow runoff

  • Before installation, heavy vegetation should be removed to expose soil

  •  Approximately 8 cu. yds. FiberRootMulch™ per 100 linear feet of FilterBerm

  • Click on above link to view / download documents

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