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This application of FiberRootMulch™, applied as a protective layer over open or disturbed soil where vegetation has been removed, is what we call EarthBlanket™. It immediately protects bare soil from the erosive effects of rain impact and erosive surface-water flows.


  • Utilizes our FiberRootMulch™ blend of shredded wood and compost to form a stable, long-lasting cover on open and disturbed soils

  • Protects soils from rainfall impact

  • Absorbs and retains large amount of water, delaying runoff

  • Diffuses surface flows, preventing rills, gullies, and soil loss

  • Can be applied on rocky or frozen soils

Site Applications

  • Stabilizes both flat areas and slopes of varying steepness
    Suitable for both long- and short-term applications

  • Covers and stabilizes soil stock piles

  • Improves soil quality

  • Compatible with re-vegetation

Product Variations

  • Thickness can be varied during application to accommodate specific site needs

  • Click on above link to view / download documents

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