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 FilterMitts™ are elongated tubes of biodegradable fabric filled with a blend of compost and partially decomposed chipped or shredded woody material. They offer flexible, multi-function utility in a variety of applications


Our FiberRootMulch™ compost blend can also be applied as a free-standing berm or ridge instead of within the fabric containment. This allows for more flexibility to accommodate certain site conditions.


This application of FiberRootMulch™, applied as a protective layer over open or disturbed soil where vegetation has been removed, is what we call EarthBlanket™. It immediately protects bare soil from the erosive effects of rain impact and erosive surface-water flows.


A special blend of high-quality, finished compost and partially decomposed, chipped and shredded wood waste, this product forms the foundation for a number of applications, including as an EarthBlanket™ and as the substate used in FiterMitts™


This compost product is a screened compost product, without the wood content of our other blends. It is intended for amending soil, topdressing, and as a component in engineered or planting soils.

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