Control Invasive Plants

Invasive plants reproduce, grow, and spread aggressively, overtaking desirable plants, limiting plant diversity and wildlife habitat. We offer management services to control and manage invasive plants in a number of settings.

  • An effective approach comprises a thorough site evaluation; a multi-year management plan based on desired outcome and use of the site; and targeted, best-practice-based control measures. 

  • Establishing a community of desirable, native plants is essential to keep a site from being re-colonized by invasives. Merely removing the invasive plants is not an effective, long-term solution.

  • EarthBlanket™ can be applied as an enhancement to seed and plant establishment.

Our Filtermitt™ is the original “compost tube” and the only 100% biodegradable product.

No synthetic waste left behind, benefiting the environment and your budget.

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