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Featured Projects

Brownsite Westerly, R.I - 2011
  • Located near an old water tank that had been sandblasted for cleaning and new painting, Groundscapes Express had a contractor come in to remov the polluted soil. Next the crew from Groundscapes Express applied the two products EarthBlanket™ and erosion control, FilterMitts™

  • On a 1:1 and 2:1 slope these two products were able to amend the soil rather than the traditional loom and synthetic netting.

  • The FilterMitts™ and EarthBlanket™ covered and stabilized the soil by 100%. This process can be done at any time of year in various weather conditions. 

Franklin Kleins Innsbrook - 2013
  • Formerly a ski mountain, condos were built with the problem of surface water causing erosion behind them.

  • Groundscapes Express’s crew created a “buff” of organic matter and reseeded it with native plants.

  • This eliminated the need for loom and rip rap.

  • Owners of the condos are now able to view the native plantings and the wildlife that comes with them.

Mount Auburn - 2009
  • Groundscapes Express worked with Mount Auburn to remove the non-native plants and replace it with native plants and erosion control.

  • The first step was to remove the pressure treated ties.

  • Next, Groundscapes Express placed dead trees and stumps to create water bars and stabilization.

  • The crew then blew in the product EarthBlanket™, which also aided in stabilizing the slopes.

  • Lastly, FilterMitts™ were placed in lieu of the pressure treated ties to act as a border to separate the paths. More of the EarthBlanket™ was spread to help hold in the FilterMitts™.

  • Native plants were then directly planted right into the FilterMitts™.

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