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Our Approach

  • Groundscapes Express, Inc. has been providing innovative, environmentally sound erosion control solutions since 1998.

  • We were the first company in New England to extensively use compost products for erosion control and stormwater management.

  • Our techniques and materials are adaptable to a wide variety of site needs such as protecting surface water resources, detaining stormwater runoff, and protecting open soils.

  • We have worked on road projects, golf courses, residential and commercial developments, and many other types of projects throughout New England.

  • Groundscapes is a MassDOT (Massachusetts Dept. of Transportation) approved contractor.

  • Utilizing only biodegradable materials, no plastics are set out in the environment. Our techniques are highly adaptable to many different site challenges.  And these devices are friendly to wildlife.

  • Since we produce our own compost, we are able to make the highest quality and most effective blends. We only use known feedstock materials, and we regularly test and monitor the composting process to ensure the highest quality product.

  • Our compost utilizes locally produced source materials and never includes sewage sludge, and the design of our compost containment structures have clear and proven benefits to the environment.

  • John Engwer, the owner and driving force behind Groundscapes Express, Inc and its sister company, Eastern Design & Landscape, Inc., has infused these businesses with an ethic of environmental responsibility.

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