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This compost product is a screened compost product, without the wood content of our other blends. It is intended for amending soil, topdressing, and as a component in engineered or planting soils.


  • High-quality, fully tested compost made in our own facility

    Natural, organic-certified, free of weed seeds, pathogens, and heavy metals

  • Organic matter with a diversity of microorganisms to help build good soil structure and fertility

  • Increases water-holding capacity of soils


Site Applications

  • Improve existing soils by incorporating into soil profile

  • Topdressing lawns

  • Covering seed to enhance germination and early growth

  • Potting mixes

  • Enhances prescription or engineered soils

Product Variations

  • Finely screened product suitable for topdressing, potting mixes

  • Coarser screened product suitable for soil incorporation, prescription soil mixes

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