Protect Wetlands

Effective stormwater management not only encourages groundwater recharge by retaining water on site, but also protects natural surface waters such as streams, ponds, and wetlands from pollutants and sediment carried by runoff.

  • Installed at edges of water features, sediment is detained behind FilterMitts™ and FilterBerms™

  • The FiberRootMulch™ used in our control devices provides a matrix of organic matter to which contaminants adhere. Microbes in the mulch break down petroleum-based pollutants.

  • Our stormwater-control products are navigable to turtles, salamanders, and other creatures.

  • Our biodegradable materials contain no plastic netting, which can ensnare wildlife. The natural fabric eventually biodegrades and is used as a food source for soil microbes.

Our Filtermitt™ is the original “compost tube” and the only 100% biodegradable product.

No synthetic waste left behind, benefiting the environment and your budget.

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