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Are invasive trees a problem in your yard?


I have been noticing lately while driving to and from our many projects that rather large trees with wide trunk diameters have fallen on people’s property or have blocked streets and roads. Upon further investigation I have seen that these trees are on the exotic invasive species list of plants for the state of MA., i.e.,( Norway Maple, Black Locust, Tree of Heaven, Sycamore Maple ).

These trees present a risk to harm people and/or their property. The Municipal Tree Ordinance in some locals does not include these trees in their tree replacement code for private property tree removals. Instead they insist that the property owner replace these trees if they are a component of the landscape to be renovated or for new plantings that will occur!

I am in full accord with the Native of Champion trees that may become a casualty of landscape activities. By not addressing these invasive exotic trees as a menace to the native and the designed landscape and causing the property owner further harm by regulating him / her to replace a tree of similar trunk diameter or by adding multiple trees that equal the trunk diameter of the exotic invasive tree is over-reaching their responsibility and that of the property owner.

I will be reaching out to inform of these transgressions when I come in contact with them.

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